Monday, November 22, 2010


Otherwise titled as: Stuff I Can't Buy Because of the Remix But Which Would Vastly Improve My Life If I Owned It.

This is stuff that I want.  Stuff I gaze at adoringly on the Urban Outfitters and ASOS sites with my mouth hanging open.  So classy, I know.  I'm sitting here in today's outfit.  It involves sparkliness, but Mom isn't home to take pictures of me wearing it so an outfit post will have to wait until later.  What was she thinking?

No, but seriously.  This is stuff I want.  Someone should buy it for me :)

1) Key necklaces

via etsy also via etsy

you guessed it! etsy again. what's this you say? more etsy?

2) A new black cardigan.  

via ASOS

3) This dress.  I cannot decide between blue and purple.  Maybe both?

via ASOS

4) Also this dress.

via ASOS

5) These black riding boots by Miz Mooz.  I've been looking for a good black riding boot that will fit my foot for a very long time.  This one has a zipper up the back (!!!) and looks like it could be just the ticket.  But I just can't bring myself to part with $150 just on one pair of shoes, even though I know that I'd get a ton of wear out of them. Hmm.

6) These mary janes.  (I can't figure out how to pull the images off of Urban.  Either I am dumb of their website is just stupid.  I prefer to think the latter.  So here is a link instead of pictures.  Sorry.)

7) New suede pumps.  Lexie has these and loves them.  So does Kendi.

8) T.  Strap.  Heels.  Drooool drool drool.

What are you going to buy when you're allowed to shop again?


  1. I love the key necklaces! I have a silver one from tiffany's but I'm loving those old looking ones.

    I have a feeling I'm going to go a little bit crazy once I'm allowed to shop again, we're going to San Francisco for winter break and I think I'm just going to bring what I'm wearing on the plane and an empty suitcase. Seriously.

  2. jflkadjsfsajfk T-STRAP HEELSSSS