Saturday, November 27, 2010


boots- modcloth
jeans- f21
tee- h&m
cardigan- old navy
belt- dockers
bag- h&m

It's green and brown again!  I've always loved green and brown together and in this outfit I tried to play it up as much as I could.  We have the green tee offset by the different shades of brown: the almost orangey brown of the boots, the chestnut of the belt, the pale pale tan of the cardigan, the brown in the bag, and the lovely chocolate brown of the interfering dog.  Lovely.

I wore this outfit today to get breakfast with my best friend from high school.  I drank a lot of coffee.  It was fantastic.  When I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that my outfit could have been helped a lot by adding dangly earrings.  I seriously thought about putting some in just for my outfit photos, but decided against it because I'm a freak.

I don't take pictures of outfits I didn't actually wear.  Sure, that outfit might look better with spike heels, but I live in the backwoods and heels make me fall over.  It might work for me standing still in front of my kitchen door, but I wouldn't actually wear it outside and I'm not going to pretend that I did.  Similarly, this outfit might look better with earrings, but the fact of the matter is that I forgot to put them in before I went outside and they just weren't part of my outfit today.  If I want to see something impractical that would only look good on the runway, I'll look at a fashion show.  That is fashion. I want my blog to be about style.  I like blogs of real girls with real budgets and real wardrobes.  That's one of the reasons I like the remix so much: it's real people doing awesome stuff with things they already have.  That's why I like all of you so much.  Seriously!
I have to go into work today for the first time since I got into a huge fight with the busboy.  I don't know what I did, but it set him off and the next thing I know he was saying horrible things about me to everyone in the restaurant.  I told him that I did not find his behavior acceptable, but regardless, now he hates me and he's going to try to get me fired or drive me so crazy that I quit.  That's his tactic and so far it's worked on four different girls since I've started working there.  And he's the boss' best friend, so I can't complain to the management.  I'm not looking forward to dealing with someone purposely trying to make me miserable for the next five weeks.  Ugh.  Guys, I need out.  I'm going to stick it out until the end, but I've made myself a couple of countdowns and I'm posting them here because they make me feel better.

3 days (counting today) until I get another day off
4 days until the end of the month
14 days until I get to see the Boyf again
22 days until I can give my two weeks notice
35 days until the day I get to leave

Oy.  I also just realized that this outfit is almost exactly like outfit number five.  Right down to the hairstyle.  Guys, I stink.  Sorry.

To combat my negativity today (sorry, again) I am going to tell you three things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving (besides friends, family, and health, of course):

That's right: The Beatles (pretend Ringo is in the picture), Perrier, and tea.  Boom. Cue the thanks.


  1. I like it! My wedding colors were brown and green (olive). And you are making me feel like a cheat for posting the picture without the Toms that I actually did wear for part of/most of the day. ;)
    Now can we talk about the bag!? I LOVE it! Super cute!

  2. I love the green and brown together. I like that you are honest in your posting. We are not here to be models, right? Just to show how we live.

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Oh man that sounds ruff. I worked in a restaurant for 8 years and I know that it can be really catty and co-workers will be way more aggressive with each other than any other work place. Stick in there - maybe you can just ask the hostess to give you a few extra tables so you don't have time to worry about that lame dude.

  4. I love that bag! Very cute outfit.

    That sucks about your job, hang in there!

  5. the more you wear those boots, the more i want something in that colour. it's so warm and perfect. cheers to tea as well! sipping on some (mint green - epic yum) right now

  6. your boots? love <3
    the color of your top? love <3
    you look lovely!