Sunday, November 28, 2010


shoes- charlotte russe
jeans- f21
buttondown- f21
belt- urban outfitters
pearls- sierra trading posts

Etta is really getting the hang of this outfit photo thing.  She even copied my pose in the first photo!  What a clever pookums.

I didn't mean to give you all a peek down my shirt in the middle picture. I'm sorry!  I was trying to do the "deconstructed model" poses that Tyra used to purport in Top Model and get Etta to copy me, but then I started laughing and Mom took the picture and voila.  Also, those big green gourds?  Italian pumpkins.  Apparently the big warty things hold natural sugars.  They taste awesome grilled.  My parents grew them in the garden this summer and my dad is freakishly proud of them.  Every time I take an outfit photo he's like "But don't you want to pose with one of the pumpkins?"  I say, "No, dad, the blogosphere does not want to see pumpkins, they want to see what color my shoes are, etc."  So today Mom was like, "Oh, let's take a waist-up!"  And then I saw that she had cleverly formatted the picture so that the gourds were in them.  She's sneaky.  And determined.  So there you are, people.  My granola, pumpkin-obsessed family and the gourds they produce.  Kaboom kabam.

Today was another day of getting diner breakfast with good friends.  I threw this outfit on really quickly.  For some reason I always feel bad about wearing jeans.  Like I'm cheating or something.  Shouldn't I be wearing dresses or a skirt or some interesting tights?  It never ceases to amaze me, though, how much you can pull an outfit together just by tucking in a shirt and wearing a belt.  My mom always used to tuck in my shirts when I was a little kid.  Is this a sign that maybe now I should start matching my socks to my teeshirts and wearing overall shorts like I used to?  Kindergarten chic?  Yes?

Thanks for all your support on my giant whine-fest yesterday.  I went to work a whole hour early by mistake (d'oh!) but the busboy and I managed to ignore each other.  Also, I made almost one hundred dollars.  That's one hundred dollars closer to not having to work there anymore.  So, win.

Also, I'm wearing red shoes.  Instant boom for your day.  Better than a cup of coffee.  I'm telling you.  You should try it.


  1. "Don't you want to pose with on of the pumpkins?" Oh this is cracking me up.

  2. overall shorts count if they're called 'rompers' - and i've seen a looooooooooot of those semi-recently. red shoes *do* make everything better! i dunno if they're better than a cup o' joe, though ... it's too close to call

  3. AHHH! I love those shoes. And your parents are hilarious. :)

  4. as much as tyra makes me laugh, she does have some pretty weird but working poses given to the models haha you look great! i love the red shoes!

  5. i love that your parents take your photos! but even more than that, i love this entire outfit. borrow? :)