Monday, November 29, 2010


shoes- etsy
tights- walmart (?)
skirt- f21
sweater- joyce leslie

Sorry for flashing you all again.  Every time I bend over to convince the pookums to cooperate in a shot, I forget and end up showing off a whole lotta cleve.  So, let's blame it on the pookums.  Okay, good.

I usually wear this skirt high-waisted, with things tucked into it, but I like how it looks with the sweater over top of it just fine.  Also, I am beginning to realize that I really need to trim my bangs.  I'm getting to be kind of emo-kid status over here.

Pookums wouldn't pose nicely today.  Dad was taking my pictures, and he scolded her roundly, but all she wanted to do was go back to laying in the sun.  I can't really say that I blame her.

Guys, I am still planning on putting up my Thanksgiving outfit.  So really, I have twenty-three outfits under my belt, but I know that I need to actually post them in order to make them count.  

I'm getting excited to shop again.  However, Christmas shopping for loved ones is partially satisfying my itch.  I'm scoring some nice things for the Boyf, my dad, and my brother, all on sale and on-line!  Lala.  I love a good bargain.  All those packages you can see in the background in the last photo are the beginning of CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas.  A lot.  One thing I don't like, however, is that the radio station at work now plays only.  Christmas.  Music.  All the time.  Seriously.  If I have to hear "The First Noel" one more time I am going to go bonkers, and it isn't even December yet!  Oyyy.

I have nothing interesting to say.  Sorry about that.  Maybe I will tomorrow?


  1. I can't stand Christmas music. I try to avoid it at all costs up until the week of Christmas, and then maybe I'll listen to it. It's horrible that they start playing it in NOVEMBER. :(

    Love the color of your skirt!

  2. look at you remixing the way you wear a skirt! you look great. love the red!

    now go post those outfits!

    and yes i'm excited to shop again. sort of. haha!

  3. You are so close to shopping time. Woohoo. That is a great colored skirt.

    The Auspicious Life

  4. Very cute color combo! I used to work at a bath and body works, and they would start playing Christmas music in October! And not just regular Christmas music, it was always weird versons by the Jonas Brothers or something. It was ridiculous.

  5. Love the color of that skirt. I can't wait to shop for myself either. But you're totally right about holiday shopping for others curbing the urge a bit, lol.