Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Look at my last outfit post...holy cow!  That thing is so long.  I didn't even notice.  I tend to ramble.  I am going to try not to be so long-winded today; I promise.

Without further ado, here is outfit three:

Haha, another awkward first-day-of-school picture, complete with hunched shoulders.  I look like a linebacker.

My dogs don't have that problem, though.  Check that Blue Steel.  And Grace's floppy pompadour.  She's all over that rockabilly trend.

dress- urban outfitters
belt- penney's
tights- walmart
shoes- etsy
headband- claire's. yeah, i know, i'm fourteen. whateva.
As far as dresses go, this is one of the ones that makes me feel most comfortable. The other one is the exact same dress, only
in black. What can I say? I like what I like. Do you see my problem, though? There's no way I could teach in this. The neck
is too low, and it's way too short. All my dresses are like that; I guess that's a testament to my personal style? Skanky? I don't

This belt is one of my favorite things, ever. Not just because it magically gives me a waist where there was none before, but
because it is patent. And elastic. And I got it in Ireland for like six euro, so every time I wear it I feel classy and kind of European,
even though there's nothing that awesome about it and Irish people actually don't dress all that well.

Check those oxfords. I included them in the remix instead of the more versatile black ballet flats because I pined after these shoes
on etsy for months (okay, weeks), finally caved and bought them, and then never wore them. They're awesome shoes! They were
handmade in France! (If the etsy girl is telling the truth.) What's wrong with me? So, Shoes, meet Functionality. I'm going to wear
you, whether I like it or not.

I posted about Alice before, and I have to admit I feel a little Alice with this on. Maybe it's the bow? But I kind of like it. I have to admit,
I probably won't wear the bow headband all day; I have to go fill out paperwork and I'm thinking that the bow combined with the style
of the dress might be a little too little-girl for such an activity.

So there you have it: short, sweet, to the point. Mostly. This dress is one of my wardrobe workhorses, so I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot
more of it, never you fear.

Oh, one last thing: my dress has pockets. Kabam. You're jealous. Have a nice day.


  1. You're right, I'm totally jealous! I love that outfit - not skanky at all btw!

    I think you could easily wear it over jeans or black pants and put a cami underneath it and then it would be school appropriate. And now I just helped you do some remixing, haha!

  2. Ohhhh man, I have been trying REALLY hard to avoid buying black oxfords and this totally cute outfit is not making that choice any easier :) At least I'm banned for 27 more days!!

    P.S. I totally have that headband and I often style it on my stuffed animal, so who's fourteen NOW?! ;)

  3. but rambling is fun! haha :D i'm with you, i tend to ramble on and on and on.

    according to ANTM, Tyra says when you hunch is high fashion and when you stick the boobs out it's hoochie. haha. i will forever remember that episode. :D

    love your headband! :)

  4. Holy smokes, I'm offcicially in blog love for many reasons: You and your little bloggy are absolutely adorable, the Kabam! for pockets (I. Love. Pockets.), and then the cherry on top was when you started off by saying, "I tend to ramble"......... I ALWAYS RAMBLE haha. I love it all! So glad I stumbled upon your site, I can't wait to continue to follow :)

    ps... I MUST have those oxfords!