Friday, November 19, 2010


shoes- old navy
tights- walmart
dress- urban outfitters
cardigan- h&m
scarf- urban outfitters
pearls- my mom got them for me

I'm subbing again, and trying my darndest to come up with appropriate outfit combos within my 30for30 choices.  Today, despite the skirt being a tiny bit north of the knee, I think I did okay.  The scarf and cardigan cover up the short sleeves and low neckline of this dress (last seen here).  I think the bun makes me look taller?  And maybe less like a student and more like a librarian/old lady.  One thing I am wishing is that I'd picked some solid, normal high heels for the challenge, although it's probably just as well.  I cannot, cannot walk in heels without teetering dangerously, and I determined a long time ago that falling over is way more unprofessional than wearing flats.  So, there you go.

I also have work tonight.  Deer season starts Saturday, so all the hunters should be coming into the restaurant tonight.  Fun fun.  

I'm preparing for a long haul tonight.  Wish me (and my IV drip of coffee) some luck.

PS- Check out how cute my pookums is.  I die.

PPS- Yes, I unabashedly refer to my dog as a "pookums."  I am not ashamed of that at all.


  1. Okay you better watch out or "pookums" here is going to surpass you as Cutest Style Blogger ever. The two of you together is almost TOO adorable!!

    Totally lol'ed at how you think the bun makes you look taller. And GORGEOUS scarf!!

  2. Oh me neither, I can't walk in heels at all. They just kill my feet and make me walk funny. :(

    I love the scarf!

  3. Deer season? Deer season you say? Here's to you quitting that job, indeed! Besides, you get to dress so much cuter at your other job! Hope it went well today.

  4. girl, scarf + pink top = pretty appropriate
    and pretty as well. i hope you have a good weekend with your pookums :D