Saturday, November 13, 2010


boots- modcloth
socks- target
shorts- thrifted levis
tee- h&m
cardigan- old navy
scarf- delia's

Oh, hello.  What's that, you say?  Oh, it looks like I'm wearing the same boots and the same cardigan as yesterday?  Well, aren't you the vigilant observer.  Yes, I am shamed to say that I am repeating several outfits from yesterday.  However!  This outfit, I feel, is quite different from the last one (or maybe even a little different?) and isn't that what the remix is all about?  Creating new exciting outfits out of all the same old junk?

Oh hey, it's day six and I'm already sick of all my stuff.  Can you tell?

This outfit just kind of came together.  It's not my favorite, but it's also not without it's charm.  It's reallllly warm out at Joy Etc. headquarters today.  I took my furry monsters for a good long walk in just a teeshirt and shorts.  Incroyable!  Hence the cutoffs.  I really don't think I could let such nice weather go by without celebrating with my favorite shorts ever.  Seriously, they might be all I wore all summer.  I am not exaggerating.

The otk socks came out because it is still November, and not summer even though at first glance my cutoffs might hint otherwise, and the boots joined in because they just went so well with the socks, and the teeshirt because I was craving some color and after the chicken tender and cheese n' gravy fries I ate at work last night, I wasn't going to chance it with my only-other-colorful purple tee.  (It can be most cruel and mocking.  It's just like that.)  The scarf came out because I wanted to wear a scarf in my hair.  I just did.  Even though it pushes my ears forward and makes me look a little silly.

But then the outfit still needed something. I tried my brown vest, but it was too much.  Too costumey.  And I tried my gray caridgan but it didn't go.  So that's why we have oatmeal cardigan here, for the second day in a row, coming to the rescue.  Say hi to the folks, Oatmeal Cardigan!

Yes, in case you were wondering, this is an outfit that will get you all kinds of stared at if you were to wear it to do errands in my hometown.  Just sayin'.

Um.  So Cait found these for me last night.  I've been looking specifically for a gray, flat mary jane for a long time now, and Cait found the cutest ones ever.  And I can't buy them.  And Mom went to drop some stuff off at the thrift store today and told me that they were unloading a whole pile of clothes from this one little old lady.  She apparently had matching shoe-and-handbag sets.  Leather.  I am drooling.  This lady and I could have been swell friends, what with our matching obsessions and all.

"But Moooom," I said.  "I can't shop!"

She paused.  "Tell you what," she said.  "We'll go, and if you see anything you really like, I'll buy them.  And then you can give me the money for them in December, when this is over."

My mom is so cool.


  1. but it's the point of remixing right? repeating stuff and making it look different. which you are! :D and you're doing errands so you should be comfy :)

    hope you're having a good weekend girl!

  2. loving this outfit ... its just too fun!