Monday, November 1, 2010

should i or shouldn't i?

I don't know if any of you know this (and yes, I mean all two of you who actually read this blog), but originally Joy, Etc. was supposed to be a fashion blog.  I love love love clothes and I love fashion blogs and I figured "Hey, why not start one of my own?"  But then I realized that I am not a picture person.  I'm not photogenic.  My camera cord has been broken for over a year and I haven't yet gotten around to fixing it.  I have a whole Facebook photo album's worth of pictures from my Ireland trip that I still haven't posted.  And I took that trip last July.  

So instead, I made this a blog about the much more generic Stuff That I Like, and so far I think it's going okay.  I don't have to get anyone to take pictures of me and I don't have to have them yell at me when I automatically make funny faces.  But still?  The dream kind of lives on.

So today, when Kendi announced another 30 for 30 challenge?  My heart kind of skipped a beat.  And I realized that I could probably monkey around with my dad's camera enough to get a few shots out of it every day.  And I subconsciously started making clothing choices.  And it would keep me from shopping throughout all of November.  Which, considering the amount of cash I dropped online last night alone, would  probably be a good thing.  Nothing like the internet to keep you honest.

I have until November 5th to decide.  Should I do it?

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