Sunday, November 14, 2010


shoes- target
tights- h&m
dress- alternative apparell
cardigan- old navy
Etta thought she was getting her photo taken today, I think.  As soon as I went over to the door to get my picture taken, she trotted over and sat down at my feet.  What a precious pookums.  I defy any of you to say you have seen a more precious pookums in all your born days. 

My hair is large and poofy, which I hate, but I am too lazy to do anything about it and then take new pictures.  Also, say hi to your good friend Oatmeal Cardigan.  Also, this is the first time I have worn these tights, and I've owned them for over a year.  Why did it take me so long?  They're pretty freaking awesome.

These tights actually totally made my day.  I was feeling super bummed and all I wanted to do was wear sweatpants and mope about how much I hate my job and how badly my back hurts.  So I decided to wear something comfortable until I have to go wait tables again at four.  This dress came to mind because it's a perfect silhouette and feels like a big teeshirt, and then I went to reach for my gray tights when I saw these babies hanging there, just begging me to try them on.  So I did.  And they looked awesome and made my day a little happier.  

And that is the end of that.  I hope you're all having lovely Sundays!


  1. Those tights are to die for, LOVE them! Not surprised they made your day! They would punch up any outfit.

  2. You're inspiring me with those tights! I have a few I bought last season, but have yet to wear. I'll have to pull the out this month.

    You look so great in that dress! It looks like it fits you perfectly.

  3. I LOVE the tights. So cute!! And yes, thanks for the inspiration for my khaki on white post! :)

  4. I am totally in sweatpants right now - it's allowed!! But then again I do NOT have incredibly awesome tights like these floral beauties so I worked with what I've got ;)

  5. they are adorable tights!!! and an adorable dog too. i love the hair! :D

    hope you have a good week ahead elle!

  6. Those tights are insane! I have tight envy.