Monday, November 22, 2010


shoes- etsy
tights-  urban outfitters
tank- h&m
skirt- thrifted (lacoste)
cardigan- target

See?  I told you there was going to be sparkle.

I'm not much of a sparkle person.  Or, at least, I didn't think I was until I saw these tights online and wanted them.  All my roommates wrinkled their noses at me, like, "Ew, poor choice, Elle," so I refrained from buying them when they were like, $5.99 only to pounce on them and buy them full-price in June when I saw them in person in the store.  Totally worth it, I say.  Also, these tights remind me of my nine years of dance classes.  Ohmygod, the costumes I used to have to wear for that.  Think of the worst thing you can think of, and then multiply it by a million-jillion.  That's how obnoxious they were.  At least I don't have purple feathers with sparkle ribbon pinned in my hair right now (though I'm sure I could dig some up from the closet if I really tried hard).  Things could be worse, people.

Today Dad and I decided that Etta needed some new headgear and I tried a bunch of stuff on her.  She officially has an outfit that we are saving for Day 30, but for today she went with this casual ensemble.  She is ready to hit the slopes, people.

Haha.  As you can see, she did not like being dressed up, and Grace wanted in on the fun and so sat right in front of my shoes in the first picture.  Etta's hat fell off halfway through, and I had to readjust.  Her life is so difficult.  Now she's sleeping in a puddle of sunlight, recovering from her strenuous modeling sesh.  I don't think we people know how rough dogs have it.  Poor pookies.


  1. I have some navy sparkley tights but I always feel kind of silly wearing them. You look awesome though.

    I love Etta's casual ensemble by the way, ha, both of your dogs look so well behaved!

  2. Look at that sparkle! When you wear those, you are pretty much guaranteed a great day, right?
    The Auspicious Life

  3. Yessss! Etta proves yet again that its not the hat, its how you wear it. That last picture is magic.

    I love your tights! They make your legs seem endless, and those brogues are the perfect thing to balance them out. <3

  4. Cute. And Etta looks adorable!!! :)

  5. SPAAAAAAAAARKLES - they're so awesome, the shimmer makes your legs look like they're on fire, or super cartoony. love love love!

  6. Ha, fellow remixer here. Is the dog participating in the challenge?

    Best of luck on the remaining days...

  7. SPARKLE. i love it. i literally am entranced by your sparkly legs. haha!

  8. Etta looks so good. I have been wanting a hat like that forever and I will tell you Etta can pull it off WAY better than I ever could.
    I have some sparkly tights sort of similar from American Apparel. My boyfriend says I look silly when I have them but I wear them non the less.

  9. I'm going to steal Etta. I promise you.