Sunday, November 21, 2010


shoes- etsy
tights- target
skirt- f21
buttonup- f21

Okay guys, this is my renewed effort at putting together interesting outfits. This red skirt has only come out once in the remix before; the the plaid hasn't been seen even once.  What was I doing, saying I was bored of all my stuff?  I haven't even touched half my stuff.  If I had access to my whole wardrobe...hoo boy.  I'm thoroughly convinced I could create outfits for like, years on end without running out of ideas.  Thus is the power of the remix.

This is also my attempt at pattern mixing.  If you look verrrry closely, you can tell that I am wearing polka-dot tights.  Plaid and polka-dots?  What has the world come to?!  Pattern mixing is something I rarely do, and this mix put me so out of my element that I didn't even dare wear earrings or accessories at all.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.

I really wish this skirt was an inch or two longer.  I love the color and the simple shape.  I could make so many teaching outfits out of it if only I could do things like bend over without worrying about exposing my backside to the nation.  Oh well.  (Also, it cost me something like $2.70 at Forever21 and that is not a lie.)

Today is my hump day for my Seven Days of Diner.  

I put four pairs of tights on my Christmas list yesterday.

Happy Sunday, y'all.

(Yes, I just said "y'all."  Deal with it.)

PS- What should I get for dinner tonight at work?  I need something healthy and I am sick to death of turkey sandwiches.  Give me ideas, plz.  Kthxbai.


  1. I think that's why I'm so frustrated with the remixing. I have realized how much I LOVE all my stuff, and now I want to wear all the stuff I wanted to "discover." Does that make sense?

    Also- all your tights and leggings and inspired me to pull some out myself. We're heading home Tuesday for the holiday, and I plan to wear some really fun and funky ones while home :)

  2. Dinner:

  3. when this is all over, you'll be pattern mixing like a champ!

  4. adorable.

    and I'm so proud of you for mixing patterns haha

  5. This one's wicked cute. I had the same realization today...half my 30 are as yet unworn! Inspiration! Tightsare awesome! I miss your dogs! Why am I shouting?

    P.S. that sweater sounds like the coolest thing ever. I'm officially jealous of your dad.

  6. what color tights are you asking for on your Christmas list??? :)

  7. I love the subtle pattern mixing, and the skirt is such a great pop of color!

    PS I bought turquoise tights, I'll probably wear them this next week. (do you forgive me now?) =]

    PPS I feel like I'm only using half of my 30 items too, I definitely need to get creative and use my neglected items this next week

  8. hey elle! i love your blog! if i were sitting across from you in creative writing i would totally tell you your pattern mixing is excellent. - jill

  9. Umm chicken sandwich?? I KNOW I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND.

    Yeah I can't believe you never used these pieces yet, they are SO CUTE! Also quit making me add black brogues to my mental cart :/

  10. I FEEL YOU. this is the power of the remix. we're working with just 30! imagine if we did this with EVERYTHING!!! (the answer: i would be exhausted) but you're right.

    love the tights. i really do! and hello pretty skirt!