Thursday, November 11, 2010


shirt- h&m
skirt- thrifted
tights- target
shoes- charlotte russe
earrings- h&m
I don't know why blogger is underlining this.  It's very irritating and I can't for the life of me figure out how to make it stop.

I'm beginning to sense a trend in my outfit photos...I always have one I like, and it's always of me standing pigeon-toed and looking at my shoes.  There's always a really awkward one that I don't like very much, a detail shot, and then the wild card. 
 Sometimes this is a picture of me with my dogs.  Today, it was going to be a picture of me doing tree pose because I had no idea what other poses I could do.  Thankfully for you guys, Mom said, "Um, sweetheart, why don't you just smile normally?"  and she was able to take the waist-up shot of me hiding my face with my bangs but also cleverly showing the texture of my shirt.  You're awesome, Mom.

Also, this skirt is thrifted.  It's all-wool, Lacoste, and I'm almost positive that it was once a uniform skirt.  Having gone to public school my entire life, this notion did not fill me with horror and, instead, when I wear it I like to prance around and imagine that I am Blair Waldorf for exactly three seconds.  (What?)

I'm kind of surprised at this; I was expecting to tuck this shirt into the skirt, but it looked...well, bad.  I guess I just always assumed that tucking shirts in makes you look more chic.  Is this not a rule?  Why didn't anyone tell me?

I'm kind of fond of this shirt, because it's basically a black tee, but it's made special and unique by the ruching.  It might not be the most flattering cut (or maybe that's the three slices of quiche I downed this afternoon), but I think it stands out from most of my other solids, so that makes it a winner in my book.

Are we beginning to see some kind of a trend as per my love of lace tights?  Hm.  Is there ever such a thing as too many lace tights?  If there is, I don't want to hear of it.  

Oh, check those elephant earrings.  Elephants are my favorite.  My ideal pet would be an elephant the side of a beagle.  If any of you come across one, pick it up for me.  I'll pay cash money.

PS- Totally didn't realize I still had my hair tie around my wrist.  Am annoyed that it clashes with the red in my shoes.
PPS- For the record, today this outfit will help me as I do laundry, watch a marathon of the Simpsons, work on a short story, and go to a movie.  Am I overdressed?  Why, yes.  Yes I am.  Good day to you.


  1. Pigeon-toed is the new black.

  2. Love that pop of color in the shoes! And those earrings are so neat. You might like this designer from New Orleans

  3. Whoa, those shoes are TOO AWESOME. Cherry red is so gorgeous! And ya know I have a pair of black lace tights just like these and have not been able to figure out how to wear them so I'm so glad you posted this for inspiration!!

  4. let's start at the bottom:
    shoes? i love! i need more red things. it's a nice POP of color!
    the stockings? YES PLEASE. adds so much detail to your black outfit.

    but really, your crowning glory? your hair. i want wavy hair!

    ALSO LOL AT YOUR MOM. my dad tells me this all the time cause i make funny faces haha. oh parents