Saturday, November 20, 2010


boots- modcloth
jeans- f21
tee- the gap
cardigan- target
scarf- heidi
hat- f21

So I almost wasn't going to bother getting dressed or putting up a post today, but then I saw Heidi's scarf draped over my chair and I knew I had to get some clothes on.  For those of you who don't know, Heidi is just about the cutest little bargain hunter there is, and she scored this scarf for just $3 and then gave it up in a giveaway.  And I won!  I never win.  I was so, so excited.  Also, I was tickled that she included the original price tag...90% off?! I don't think I've ever scored a deal that good in my life.  

Guys, I'm sorry. I know all my outfits are getting to be kind of exactly the same.  Yawn.  While I know I can technically make it through this remix and still keep my body covered, who wants to see me wearing a tee, jeans, and this same pair of boots every single day?  No one, that's who.  Not even me.  I promise to start being more original tomorrow, even if I just end up wearing the outfit around my house before heading to the diner again.  

In other news, the pookums has been kind of ashamed of herself all day.  She had an accident in her cage last night, and as a result she had to take a bath this morning.  She was not pleased, but I like to think that me letting her be in my outfit shot cheered her up a little bit.  Look at how well she is laying down and staying in the second picture!  Haha.

Also, does anyone have a love/hate affair with hats like this?  I have two of them and almost never wear them.  I feel like they make me look funny.  Or pretentious.  Or both at the same time.  Can you be both at the same time?  Who knows.  

In other news, subbing went well yesterday!  Mostly.  The teacher I went in for gave me very detailed plans and I was able to teach the lesson adequately.  The boys were monsters, but then again, I'm pretty sure all ninth grade boys are monsters.

Oy.  I'm off to another shift at the restaurant in about twenty minutes.  I hope you all have lovely relaxing days that do not involve pouring endless coffee for parties of seventeen.


  1. I think I look ridiculous in hats. It must be my huge head. haha! I'm so jealous of the girls that can pull hats off, like you! It looks so cute. :)

    Glad the subbing went well!

  2. Cute! Love it! Love how you used the scarf! :)

  3. Great scarf. That is quite the steal for $3. I'm glad it inspired you to get dressed and post.
    The Auspicious Life

  4. i have a grey hat like that & i haven't figured out how to properly wear it, either. feelin' your pain!

  5. i love the scarf and congrats on the win! i know heidi in real life and she is just as adorable in person :)

  6. scarf + beanie = fall awesomeness
    you look so adorable. i wish it were cold enough for me to pull off those things here. :D