Sunday, November 28, 2010

nerd boyfriend

The other day, I stumbled upon Nerd Boyfriend and, of course, I loved it.  I do, after all, have a nerd boyfriend of my own.  I posted the link to it on my friend's wall, and less than an hour, the Boyf commented on it.  He said, and I quote, "Buy me everything Paul Newman is wearing."

Boom.  Perfect.  I had just finished buying the Boyf four small-ish presents that will help compose his Christmas, but I still needed one good, medium-sized present to round it out and I was stumped.  Here was the perfect opportunity.  I would buy the Boyf something Newman-esque.

I started out with my old pal, Google image-search, just to round up ideas.  I discovered a few things.

1) Paul Newman was a lot more attractive than all his salad dressing labels lead me to believe.

2) Paul Newman and his wife were adorable.  I am now obsessed.  My profile picture right now is a picture of them in their kitchen.  He is standing over a frying pan and she is kissing a small dog.  I want that to be my life.  Guys, why isn't that my life?  Someone tell me how to make that happen.

3) Um. Paul Newman, while being a knockout and all, kind of wore suits and oxfords and blazers a lot.  Just like every other guy at the time.  What am I supposed to buy the Boyf to make him look definitively like Paul Newman?  A really nice blazer?  A nice cardigan, as the Sartorialist recommended?  Some button-downs?  New shoes?  A tie?

What do you guys think?  Am I missing something?  What about his outfits makes him definitively Paul Newman?  I need some second, third, and fourth opinions!


  1. oh sweet lord. and the harrison ford that's one image down!? hubba hubba ... harrison ford is just ... yummy. STILL. i think he's aged wonderfully.

  2. lol @ #1. but OH SO TRUE.

    And I think you have to buy him a square jaw and big puppy dog eyes to make him look like Paul Newman. But loafers are a start ;)

  3. I think a cardigan or blazer would do the trick. I'm also jealous that your boyfriend gives you Christmas ideas, I always have such a hard time thinking of things to get mine every year.

  4. lydia, i feel your pain. this is a huge progression for us. the first holiday that we were together, he told me he wanted "non-materialistic items" and "perishable goods" and then suggested i get him something practical. like a gallon of milk. i am not joking.

  5. I would say that it has to be some kind of top... A tie? really? I don't think that someone can be Paul Newman-esque with only a tie. A nice coat/jacket though and he will.