Tuesday, November 9, 2010

le week-end

Don't ask me why all my post titles are in French today.  Je ne sais pas.

My weekend was awesome, in case you were wondering.  I tend to be long-winded in telling stories, so I am going to try to stick to the basics here.

Things That Were Awesome About This Weekend:

1) Birthday presents from the Boyf.  Fifty bucks to spend at Urban, with a sweet handmade giftcard, a tiny little garden gnome I have named Hal, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris, and a collection of short stories by my pal F. Scott.  He wrapped all the presents in brown paper, gave them arms made out of scotch tape, and drew on faces.  Adorbs.

2) Sean's uncle is an awesome cook.  He made us lasagne with white sauce, tomatillos, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, and ham.  I died.  And ate about a square foot, all by myself.

3) We watched Hannah and Her Sisters.  Woody Allen, I find it creepy that, in this film, you are featured in a scene with your future wife Soon-Yi and her mother/your current wife, Mia Farrow at the same time.  And that Soon-Yi was like, nine when this film was made.  And you were like, forty.  

Seriously, though, it was a good movie and it really struck me how much the 80's are coming back as far as fashion goes when I was watching it.  Big ugly sweaters, menswear trousers, structured shoulders, oxfords...it's like they took a still from the movie and made it the new Urban Outfitters catalogue.

4) We went to Ithaca and I spent my Verizon rebate card all at Autumn Leaves, aka- Best Used Bookstore/Organic Coffee Shop/Record Store, aka- Hipster Hard-On, aka- My Favorite Place Ever.  I got an illustrated copy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Lookingglass in one.  I also got some P.G. Wodehouse, Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins (which I am really excited about because I think it's about a waitress, HOLLA!), Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, and a little treat for myself by my boyfriend, Ernest (Hemingway, for all of you not on a first-name basis.)

5) We went to Ithaca and we got Thai food.  And I discovered tom kha.  And I said, "Ohmygod, babe, this is so good," about forty times until I made the Boyf roll his eyes at me.  And I got green curry.  

It was delicious, but it was one of those dishes that tasted so good going down, until about three seconds after you swallowed and then suddenly my whole entire face was on fire.  I only picked 3 out of 5 for spiciness, people!  I am such a wimp.

Sean was like, "Babe, why are you eating that if it is making you cry?"

And I was like, "But...it's...so...good!"

Sean said, "No, seriously, your nose is running.  Why don't you just stop?"

And I said, "....So...delicious..."  and then asked for a to-go box.

6) We went to Ithaca, got lunch (this was a different day), and then had two hours to wait before our movie.  So we went to the Ithaca Public Library and read magazines for free.  I read Poets & Writers and US Weekly because some jerk was bogarting Vogue.  Sean read Popular Mechanics and I realized that we are about seventy-years old.

7) We saw It's Kind of a Funny Story and I liked it.  

8) We listened to Car Talk on NPR on the way into town, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on the way out.  And I realized again that we are middle-aged, if not elderly, but that I kind of love it.

9) We drank a lot of wine and read a lot of literature magazines.

10) I got to kiss the Boyf's face a lot.  Good gets.


  1. Hannah and Her Sisters is one of my favorite movies (and def my fave Woody Allen movie, I'm ignoring the creepiness), I watch it every Thanksgivingish! :D

  2. Jesus. Those are like three of my favorite books. Skinny legs and all is one of his absolute best; I bust out his analysis of the Jezebel stigma every time someone accuses me of being a painted Jezebel. Not that that happens often. At all. Ahem.