Monday, November 15, 2010


oxfords- etsy
tights- target
cutoffs- thrifted levis
tank- h&m
cardigan- h&m
necklace- modcloth

I'm feeling quite victorious about today's post.  When I first put on clothes today, I was wearing jeans with these shoes and it just didn't look right.  Mom and I eventually ascertained that either the shoes or the pants had to go.  It's obvious which one I picked.  Plus, it enabled me to wear my polka-dot tights, of which I am quite fond.  I texted Cait to inform her of my outfit dilemma/solution, and her response was, "Well, obviously.  Shorts and tights make everything better."  And she's right.  This outfit makes me feel like I'm back in spring semester of my senior year of college.  Aka- last January-May.  Cait and I saw fashion blogs, decided we needed to start rocking this trend, went to the nearest Salvo's to buy cheap jeans, and presto.  After a serious measuring/pinning/marking session that we eventually abandoned in order to just hack away at the jeans with the cloth shears my mom gave me, we emerged with two pairs of cutoffs each and then proceeded to obnoxiously parade around in them with boots, flats, scarves, and brightly colored tights in inappropriately cold Western New York weather.  We were so awesome.  Everyone was jealous.

I'm feeling much better today.  Last night at work was slow.  I didn't make much money, but my back still feels whole today, which is a good thing.  Today is my Friday, and I get to see friends this week.  Also, the Boyf is cute.  And my countdown to the my Last Day of Waitressing At This Current Location is approaching steadily with every day.  And I'm listening to Car 
Talk on NPR, which is very funny and if you don't listen to it you should.  Life is good.

Mom and I laughed so hard taking these pictures.  I got one picture in where I'm actually smiling like a real person, and all of a sudden both dogs came running into the room where they then proceeded to sit down, one on each side of me, and pose for the camera.  It was too funny.  The only problem was that Etta was hiding my shoes!  I seriously love my dogs.  I don't understand how people can be happy if they don't have dogs.  Unless, of course, they have allergies.  In which case I can totally understand.

Oh, and yes, that is a narwhal.  I asked for some kind of generic, trendy, birds-in-flight type necklace from Modcloth for Christmas last year.  Dad decided that it wasn't cool enough, so he got me a narwhal instead.  And, of course, he was right.  Narwhals beat out birds any day.  They have horns and stuff.  Maybe I should let Dad make all my fashion choices?  HAH.  What a scary/awesome thought.  I would probably wear what I wore when I was a baby and he did make my fashion decisions:  tie-dyed thermal long johns and Converse.  

How was everyone's weekend?  I'm excited to hear about what you all were up to while I was busy serving shakes and fries.


  1. I love those tights, and that necklace is so cool!

  2. ya so cute.

    also, see you tomorrow?!

  3. that is such a cute necklace! and congrats on winning the scarf from heidi!

  4. This is so cute and hip! I'm jealous that you can pull this off.

    I am really digging Oxfords lately and I think this post convinced me that I need to buy some at the end of our 30 days.

    I think I will go shopping crazy after these 30 days btw!

  5. car talk is hilarious! i love those guys

  6. YAY FOR POLKA DOT TIGHTS!!! you look great girl. showing some leg! everyone should at least once this challenge haha :D

    i love the pink as well ;)