Wednesday, November 17, 2010


shoes- target
jeans- f21
tank- h&m
cardigan- target
scarf- h&m
button earrings- urban

Today I drove to Cait's and we had what we used to call "nest day" when we were in college.  Ideally, all nest days should include Sarah's mom's frozen chocolate pie and sweatpants, but I adhered to the 30/30 rules and I think I did okay.  We watched an  hour and a half of That 70's Show, talked about boys we like and girls we don't, and then we watched a lot of the Cooking Channel.  Also, Cait's mom made me a lot of food.  Thanks, Linda.

Cait and I snapped these photos right before I left, and they're blurry because I was so busy laughing.  I decided not to include the series in which I grabbed a bunch of catalogues off their coffee table and pretended to be delivering mail to their den.  Don't ask.

Oh, also?  Cait and I like tea a lot.  And I like Cait a lot.  She gimped out and balanced herself on the stairs in order to take these for me.  What a trooper.
This is me posing with Cait's highschool portrait.

This is me and tea in the foreground.
Cait insisted I do an "artsy" shot with the mirror after all my tomfoolery with pretending to deliver the mail.  She's so bossy.  Also, we had to take two pictures because I ruined the first one by laughing, see?


  1. Awww you and your friend are too cute! :)

    Love the scarf!

  2. girl, your scarf is really really pretty.

  3. I love this look and the scarf. I definitely need a scarf like that. Thanks for the inspiration.