Wednesday, November 24, 2010


shoes- Converse
tights- walmart
shorts- thrifted (levis)
polo- aéropostale
sweater- joyce leslie

Friends, meet Work Clothes.  These black Converse and this gray polo shirt are work staples for me.  Once upon a time, they lived glamorous lives as part of my regular clothing rotation, but now they've been relegated to the Diner and I think it makes them kind of sad.  Today it occured to me that I did, after all include these items in my 30for30, so why not take full advantage?  I like this look a lot lot lot.  It's short&tights (my signature) and Converse (my other signature from days gone by).  I also like the preppy collar poking out from under my sweater.  And also I like black.  So, voila.  

I was hemming and hawing about whether to wear Converse, my oxfords, or my red flats with this so I asked my little brother and he told me "the sneakers, definitely."  So I listened, obviously.  My brother has the most highly developed sense of style of any seventeen-year-old I have ever met, and he does it without even trying.  He just throws on various hoodies and hats and bandanas and teeshirts and rolls out the door and I am always staring after him like, "Wait!  Please explain to me the genius way that you mixed those stripes with argyle!" and he's like, "Umm, sis, why are you chasing my friend's car down the driveway?" 

Also, it's comfortable which is good because I've spent the day sampling my mom's practice Thanksgiving desserts and it's important to have a waistline that stretches for that.

And you guys, today is finally my Friday!  I'm very excited.  I want to go in, work, make some money, go home, and have two glorious days off.  That is what I want right now.  

Also, today I went on  I am obsessed.   I found awesome new boots that I just might have to buy.  In December.  When I am allowed to again.  Basically, the idea behind is that you answer a million questions about your personal style (easy ones.  There's a whole section where you pick which, of two looks, is most like your style.  It's way cool and fun, and they use a really high percentage of fashion blogger photos for it, which I think is nice.  The only thing is that I think some of them are falsely credited?  Like, I saw a lot of bloggers that I recognized, and unless they've changed their blog names since the last time I stopped by, that's not them.)  and then they feed you a million different dresses, shoes, accessories, skirts, blouses, etc. that fit in with what they perceive to be your personal style.  And you can give feedback on each choice, saying if you love it or hate it and why (I love the why part.  Such great attention to detail).  I still need to tinker around on it and figure everything out, but as you can tell, it's fun and so far I'm a fan.  No wonder.  It's a Google product, and even though they're taking over the world, I have to admit that Google wins at pretty much everything, so go them.

PS- Boutiques told me my style was "casual chic" and then proceeded to give me a ton of gray and black clothes, long-sleeved mini dresses, expensive teeshirts, and bright heels.  It also, however, decided to give me three different pairs of hot pink, bejeweled flip-flops.  Um.  Not even close, guys.


  1. I've been reading a lot about and still confused to what I'm supposed to do. hahah

    Love the outfit. The shorts-and-tights things is JUST starting to grow on me. I want to give it a try! :)

  2. Yeah, I don't know, it confused me. Like, all the shoes it gave me were strappy and metallic, when I specifically hated strappy silhouettes and metallic colors. And the clothes...well, I guess there's just a lot of black out there, so if you say you love it, you'd better be prepared for a blitz noir*! also, I noticed the mis-credits, too. I think it could be awesome, they just need to iron out a few kinks. And maybe add a little more budget friendly merch.

    *Shameless promo for my new speedmetal band. jk. Maybe.

  3. I've heard a lot about Some people are a little irked that blogger photos are being used. I have yet to check it out.

    You look great in the tights with shorts. I don't think I could put it off. Also, I have been wanting a nice comfortable pair of converse or converse-esq shoes. So, color me jealous of yours.

    The Auspicious Life

  4. haha :) you are funny! and thanks for the tip about i will have to check it out. hopefully they tell me that my style is snappy casual, otherwise they are wrong. ;) oh, and i def. need to find me some cute jean shorts like you have!

  5. Sounds like they were spot on with the gray and black though! This is the first I've heard of, so I will definitely check it out...ok, maybe it's already open on my computer while I comment.

    And this outfit ROCKS!! Casual chic is the perfect name for your style and especially this outfit as you make it look so effortless! Oh and your bangs look awesome btw!

  6. I still need to check out that website, I've been hearing a lot about it.

    And my little brother has the best style too! It must be a 17 year old boy thing I guess, but I'm seriously so envious of his belt and scarf collection.

  7. I'm totally going to check that site out.

    And I love your outfit! I know this is lame but I'm in my safe "blog" zone so I'm going to admit that Jennifer Aniston always has the best cutoffs and they make me want a pair. I'm constantly scouring thrift stores for the perfect pair but they are not to be found (for me, not you obviously but for me).

  8. hello work clothes, it's nice to meet you.
    i actually sort of wish i had a uniform for work so i wouldn't have to think, but yeah

    obviuosly i am staying away from this business as i'll be tempted tempted and tempted some more. haha!

  9. I agree with the bro... converses are definitely the way to go. While you're here you might as well embrace those days gone by.