Tuesday, November 9, 2010


vest- thrifted
scarf-great(great?) aunt's? i think?
shoes- target

I feel kind of like a bandit in these pictures. A bandit who is going off to their first day of school. Look at the third picture. This is what happens when my mother requests that I "stop making funny faces and just look at the camera, for Pete's sake!" It makes me laugh because just yesterday my mother didn't really understand how to even work the camera. (We're both kind of technologically challenged.) Today, she was being all, "Okay, hold still, I need to adjust the light." "I think we need another angle on this." "Give me a different pose." Haha. She's become quite the bossy photographer!  

Also, check my bangs in the second photo. I think my eyes are hiding down there, somewhere. It's like a flashback from the days when I wore a lot of black and put emo song lyrics in all my away messages on AIM (remember AIM?), regardless of whether I was sad or not. Holla.

This scarf is courtesy of some distantly removed relative of mine who recently and unfortunately passed away. I didn't know her very well, but my grandma came into possession of a bag of her old silk scarves and hankies and asked if I wanted to pick through it. Um, yes. I scooped up this baby and a few others. I hope that, wherever she is now, Aunt Florie is appreciating my great taste.

I feel like this outfit is kind of easy and thus a cop-out, or at least it is for me. I've always been more of a jeans person, and I was looking forward to the challenge to kind of force me to expand my range to more dresses and skirts. But then I decided to go run some errands today with my mom, and I just knew that a dress would really be pushing it in Wal-Mart. So, I dressed down. Expect some dresses tomorrow. Or some skirts. Or maybe just one of each. I don't know if I'm ready for doubling up yet. I'll leave that to the experts.

Yesterday, I found out that my application to be a subsitute teacher for my local high school finally got accepted. This was exciting for me, yes, (extra cash HOLLA!) but also kind of worried me because I hadn't planned on this, and as a result I think I only have one dress that is appropriate for teaching. How am I going to stretch that one brown dress for 30 days?! (Or possibly find a way to de-skankify my two kind-of-way-too-short skirts enough to teach in a high school?) Maybe this will be some kind of exciting new twist on the challenge. Or maybe I'll just end up going crazy. I guess we'll find out, yes?

Things I Noticed About This Outfit:
1) The jeans. I got these jeans from Forever21 for like $14.50, which is a steal but which is already beginning to show in the construction. Like many people, I enjoy F21 for its cute, cheap finds, but I also recognize that the quality is often crap and that I should really be investing my money in thrifted things or quality pieces. These jeans have a lot of stretch and a nice color, which make me like them a lot, but the pockets are so shallow as to be completely useless (am I the only person who still puts stuff in their pants pockets? Maybe I am. Whatevs.), the back tag was so horrendously itchy that I had to have my mother rip it out with a seam ripper (she revealed a puzzling amount of plastic sewn into the tag. Why was this necessary? Are they purposely trying to torment us?). Also, I keep pulling random stray threads out from the seams. Right now, I rarely wear jeans because I spend so much time in my work uniform/workout clothes/pajamas, but if I was living a different lifestyle I would definitely have opted for some Levis or Gap jeans of a higher quality.

ALSO! For anyone who is buying F21 jeans: I forget which blog it was, but last spring I was reading the blog of a girl who bought some F21 jeggings and she was all, "Hey people, these aren't dye fast! I ruined a whole load of clothes! Make sure you wash them seperately first!" Maybe some people are smart and do this with all new purchases, but I'm notoriously stupid at laundry (I have washed and dried a lot of chapsticks in my day, people) and so I buried this in the back of my head and luckily remembered it yesterday, when I washed these for the first time. And a good thing I did, because the soap suds in the machine were distinctly blue. So. Moral? Be careful with your cheap denim garments, my children. They might accidentally ruin some of your nice, expensive things if you don't pay attention.

2) Notice how quaint and adorably my kitchen table/chairs are. I never noticed before how they subtly match the tile floor. You rock, Mom and Dad. Maybe now I know where I get my style sense from? The kitchen? Thoughts?

3) Also notice hints of my dad's shoe collection hovering around the borders of these shots. Yes, he did draw those designs on his Converse in Sharpie. All by himself. Yes, he also buys my dog a beef jerkey every morning. You could say he is a man of varied talents and excellent taste. I usually do.

4) Etta says hello. She wasn't in the shot today because I am nervous of looking like I'm copying Morgan and Lua. She might stop in tomorrow, though. Dad is already asking me what other hats Etta should add to her repertoire. I said, "Dad, no. I do not want a gimmicky blog where all I do is take pictures of my dog wearing various hats like she is a member of the Village People or something. But she could use a Nathan's cap." And then Dad said, "Like the hot dogs?" And I said, "Yeah. Get on that."

I might post later about books or something. Cause I like them. Or I might just go watch That 70's Show and delay calling the school back. Either/or. See you kids later.


  1. Cute! Mine was a 'first day of school' shot today too (according to the husband).
    I'm adding you to my 30 for 30 blog roll!

  2. Love your 30for30 outfits so far!! So glad you found my blog so I could find you, your style is just marvelous. You are one stylish bandit, that's for sure. ;)