Friday, November 12, 2010


boots- modcloth
jeans- f21
belt- thrifted/stolen?
tee- h&m
cardigan- old navy
earrings- h&m
glasses- warby parker

Grace really wanted to be in my pictures today. In the last photo it looks like she's charging me or something, but I'm just
telling her to sit and laughing because she's so ridiculous. Don't worry, I'm not a victim of vicious poodles. I know that's
a big concern for everyone.

So today I had to wake up early (for me) and run into town to get my fingerprints done so I can sub. Maybe I'm a big dork, 
but I was totally enthralled by the machine. It scans your fingerprints and then puts them up on a computer monitor!  
Super cool.

In addition to having to get up early, I haven't exercised yet today, so the reason why I look a little scrubby is because
I'm going to shower after I get all sweaty and disgusting. Hence the glasses, hair up, and super casual outfit. I think it came
together pretty well, though. Normally I would have thrown on a hoodie or something, but the challenge made that not
an hoodies to be found within my 30 items!

Believe it or not, this outfit is kind of exciting for me because I'm breaking one of my self-imposed fashion rules: Don't ever
wear khacki with white. When I was about twelve, I can remember my mom advising me that light khackis look best with bright
or dark colors, and ever since then I have refused to wear khacki with white. Ever. And I have always kind of sneered at those who
do. But look! I'm so adventurous! Bustin' through boundaries! And I think it looks fine.

PS- I should have taken a detail shot, but that belt is my dad's old Boy Scout belt. I stole it in highschool and wore it almost every
day...that and Converse lowtops (I'm not lying when I said I wore them before anyone else did...I really did!) were my signature
pieces. How glamorous, right? But the guy that was doing my fingerprints this morning kept looking at my belt buckle and
finally he said, "Is that a Boy Scout belt?"

"Yeah," I said.  

"Are you wearing it upside down?" he said.

I looked down. "Oh. Yeah," I said. "It was my dad's."

He said, "I was wondering what was going on. They use green belts now; I haven't seen tan ones since I was a Scout."

So there you go. I'm wearing genuine vintage Boy Scout stuff. You can't see the tar stains on the belt, but they bring out a
little something in it, too.


  1. Cute! Grace is adorable! Dakota likes to get into my photo action too!
    I'm going to copy the khaki/white look now!!! Thanks. :)

  2. In no way do you look scruffy!! Crazy :) I was actually going to ask if you could be any cuter?! And those stinkin' adorable boots. Oh my goodness I love it all!

  3. I don't do khaki and white either! It just reminds me of work uniforms. But, you pull it off so great and make it look very chic.

    Lovely mug, too.

  4. vintage dad accessories ftw! :) you look adorable with your boots and white tee and the cardigan!

    basically i like it. really simple and you look lovely :)

  5. very cute! i'm with heidi and will be copying the khaki over white after the challenge!