Thursday, November 4, 2010

23 for 30

I'm doing it.  I officially e-mailed Kendi today and told her I was up for the 30 for 30.  This is mostly because Cait (remember her?  Go visit.  Her leg is full of nails or something. Sad.) told me I had to, and I can't turn down a cripple.

According to the challenge rules, I have to post my items by Sunday, but I'm leaving early tomorrow for a long weekend with that boy I date so I've been busy packing and working and wishing bad things on rude people.  You know, the usual.  So I just kind of frantically picked my items, realized I had way too many, pared them down, and I am going to be listing them here.  Most people take pictures of the items, but I don't have time to mess around the the camera tonight.  Sadface.  Guys, I'M SORRY.  Really.  This is probably not a good way to start the challenge off...

Oh also, it's 23 for 30 because I have a stupid uniform I have to wear to work, and the polos/black jeans/black sneakers necessary take up seven of the items on my list.  I could probably get by with not including them as a technicality, since I'm not going to be taking outfit photos of them or anything, but I'm already slacking, so I just decided to suck it up and deal.

Here goes:
1-7) Ugly-ass work clothes.  Barf.  Next...

8) black and white plaid button-down, F21
9) white tee, h&m
10) green tee, h&m
11) white tank, h&m
12) black tank, h&m
13) purple v-neck tee, the gap
14) white oxford button-down, old navy
15) black v-neck sweater, joyce leslie
16) pink cardigan, h&m
17) tan cardigan, old navy
18) gray cardigan, target
19) black ruched tee, h&m
20) brown suede vest, thrifted

21) cutoffs, thrifted (levis)
22) skinny jeans, either target or f21 (I haven't decided yet...SLACKER)
23) black pleated skirt, thrifted (lacoste)
24) red skirt, f21

25) gray dress, urban outfitters
26) brown dress, alternative apparel

27) brown boots, modcloth
28) black oxfords, etsy
29) gold flats, target
30) red flats, charlotte russe

Things I Realized As I Typed That Out:
1) Apparently I only shop at H&M.
2) Apparently I only wear plain teeshirt and caridgans.  Hello, grandma.
3) It is November.  In the Northeast.  It snowed on Halloween.  I should have picked warm boots but decided to axe them in favor of yet another cardigan.  Priorities, priorities.
4) I have way too many neutrals.  Am I afraid of color?  Is this a problem for me?  Someone, tell me if this is usually a problem for me and everyone else was too polite to say.  Like halitosis or something.
5) It is a damn good thing I have accessories.  OH WAIT. I never buy accessories.  Why did I ever think I was fashionable, again?
6) Yes, I picked cutoffs.  For a November challenge.  But that's okay because Cait and I were experts at wearing cutoffs and tights with boots in the dead of winter all senior year.  We were trendy and ridiculous and no one in western New York understood us and it was great.  I didn't have to wash any jeans for a month.
7) If the black boots I ordered from Urban (they didn't have a zipper close but they were on saleeee, wahhhh) the other day had actually fit my feet instead of denying my bizarrely high arch access to the interior of the shoe, this challenge would have been so different.  And by that I mean approx 100x better, but as it is I am challenging myself to expand outside my comfort zone and not wear the same damn pair of boots every single day.  Alright alright.

Have a totally hoppin' weekend and I'll be back with my Very First Outfit Post Ever on Monday.  Eep!

PS- Not going to pretend I didn't get really obnoxiously excited when I saw Kendi's email confirming that I was joining the challenge.  She's only a blog celebrity, guys.  I geeked out a little.  But only a little, I promise.


  1. hello fellow 30 for 30 remixer! good luck, i look forward to following your mixes! :)

  2. i've been loving your mixes! and i got a little too excited when kendi sent me the confirmation e-mail, too...oops!