Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Did you guys know that I am fluent in LOLcatz?  I am.  The Boyf started it.  When we were newly dating, he used to send me texts with the occasional "z" tagged onto the end of plurals instead of an "s".  In his benign effort to be adorable, he created a monster.  You guys, I am so good at LOLcatz that sometimes I text him and he texts me back saying, "Good job, babe, I have literally no idea what you just said."

See that?  You didn't know that about me before.  That was a freebie.  See, I got tagged by the adorable Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns to tell seven secrets about myself.  Guys.  I.  LOVE.  Talking about  myself.  It's like my number one hobby.  Buckle your seatbelts and get excited for some funtimes over this way. [Edit: Rose tagged me for another blogger award!  This one also involves me telling you all seven things about myself, but I really don't think you guys want to hear any more about the frequency of the trips I make to the bathroom, so I'm going to let this post suffice as my seven things for that one, too.]

1)  I can practically recite every single episode of The Simpsons, Seasons 1-13.

Up until this past summer, we didn't have cable TV at my house.  My parents thought that it would turn my brain into jelly if we had cable, but what it really resulted in was me gluing myself to the TV when I went to friends' houses and developing some kind of unhealthy addiction to MTV my freshman year of college.  

For some reason, my parents didn't have a problem with The Simpsons, probably because it's funny and occasionally references classic literature.  For years, instead of watching TV, we would put on one of our many seasons of The Simpsons and watch that instead of TV.  The best episode ever is "Lemon of Troy."  I will allow no arguments on this fact, as it is accepted by all that is holy.  The end.

2) I met the Boyf in Ireland.

This sounds more glamorous than it really was.  Just kidding.  It was actually super glamorous.

What happened was this (I know you're all really interested to know):  I took a class in Ireland for four weeks the summer before my senior year.  It was offered through my college, so the school basically got together a big group and sent us over with two professors.  I was technically taking a class called "Travel Writing" but really I just bonded with my favorite professor and got drunk in pubs a lot.

The Boyf was one of three boys out of our group of nineteen.  We frolicked around Dublin in an obnoxiously huge group for the first three days of the trip, awkwardly tiptoeing around each other because no one really knew each other that well yet and things were kind of awkward.  One night at a pub we were all chatting with a couple guys our age who were there for the U2 concert, and one of them looked at Boyf and me and said, "Well, you two clearly fancy each other."  And we practically fell over each other being all UM NO WE DO NOT DON'T SAY THAT THAT'S RIDICULOUS HAHAHA.

Two days later, we went to a different town, unpacked our stuff in our semi-permanent apartments, went grocery shopping, bought wine on said shopping expedition, got really drunk at dinner, and then decided to watch Irish TV.  We ended up watching The Butterfly Effect which is, fyi, a really horrible movie.  And then the Boyf asked me if he could kiss me and I said yes and then he said, "I really like you," and I said, "Me too," and we spent the rest of the trip being really disgusting and wandering around Ireland holding hands and making everyone else on the trip vomit and hate us.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

3) I was a Creative Writing major in college.

Everyone thought I was crazy.  I was high school valedictorian and I did really pretty awesome on the SATs and everyone was like, "Major in something where you can make money!"  But all I ever wanted to be was a writer.  I went to college, stopped taking anything that even remotely resembled math, got chummy with everyone in the English department, and became that irritating girl who sits in your workshop and says, "I'm not sure if these metaphors are exactly consistent, you know what I mean?"  I never doubted for a second that this was what I was good at, this was what I was meant to do, this was what was going to make me happy forever.

But now I've graduated.  And I can't find a job.  And I'm a waitress and I hate it.  And I'm beginning to wonder, for the first time in my life, if maybe I should have gone into something boring but lucrative.  But then I take a step back and I realize I wouldn't have been happy studying anything but what I did.  Still, it would be nice to be actually employed so I didn't have to feel guilty about all that money on my degree going to waste.

4) I pee a lot.

I do.  TMI, right?  But it's because I'm really into hydration.  I drink a lot of water, a lot of tea, a lot of seltzer, a lot of coffee.  And then I pee.  It's just how these things go.

5) I didn't learn how to drive until I was 18.

When I was 16 I got my permit like everyone else because it just involved taking a test and I'm good at taking tests.  But driving terrified me.  My dad and I are a lot a like, so when we got into the car together we would both be tense and nervous and end up screaming at each other and slamming on the breaks and Dad would end up driving home muttering about "almost went into the ditch" while I pouted with my arms crossed.  The summer after my first year of college I decided enough was enough and asked Mom to teach me how to drive.  I don't know why I hadn't thought to do that before.  Mom and I gelled a lot better and I got my liscense less than two months later.  Easy-peasy.

6) I love romcoms.

See that girl over there with the hipster glasses and the vintage scarf?  The one reading Hemingway and drinking some kind of organic, fair-trade latte in a recyclable mug?  The one who babbles on about Wes Anderson and Woody Allen movies?  The one who watches The Cooking Channel instead of Food Network simply because The Cooking Channel is "more indie"?  The one who is living a lie because she secretly loves really sappy, predictable movies (like Love & Other Drugs) more than anything in the world?

Yeah, that would be me.  I like The Notebook.  I'm coming to terms with the fact that I like The Notebook.  It's just taking me a while.

7) I have literally almost no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I know, I know.  Everyone says, "That's fine," and "You have plenty of time to figure it out" and "Something will come along."  But I'm twenty-two and I already feel old.  I feel like I should be doing something.  I have so many ideas of things I want to do, but no idea how or why or when I'll be doing them.  Should I move to NYC and try to get a job in the publishing industry?  Should I live an awesome bohemian lifestyle while I focus on my writing and eventually get my MFA?  Should I move in with Boyf?  Should I move to the Pacific Northwest?  Should reapply for Teach For America and actually take the job this time?

I'm good at worrying and I'm good at getting panicky.  But then I slow down and I realize that I am twenty-two.  I can do anything.  Nothing is holding me down.  And that, palaminos, is a pretty sweet feeling.

Woah.  Sorry for busting out the heavy on y'all.  Here, look at these puppies for a while and forget my awkward seriousness.  

I'm tagging Rose, Lydia, Linda, Emily, Patty, Monkeyface, and Lexie.  Feel free to not get all doom-y and serious and run off at the mouth the way I did.  Cheers!

vingt-trois et vingt-quatre

Outfit the First:

shoes- target
tights- f21
dress- alternative aparrel
scarf- urban outfitters
wristlet- coach (gift)

Okay guys.  This is the much-awaited Thanksgiving Outfit.  It was a smash hit, if I do say so myself.  I wore the dress beltless, which was a stroke of genius imparted by my brother.  "I don't think you need the belt," he said, on our way out the door, and after a third helping of cranberry sauce I realized that his intellect is far superior to mine and that he was right, as always.

The wristlet was a gift from my cousin a few Christmases ago.  I rarely use it because I'm always afraid I'm going to do something to ruin it.  The scarf was a big, big hit with my cousin's baby.  She's one, and every time I pulled her into my lap she would firmly grasp the scarf and then throw herself backwards, laughing uproariously, while I simultaneously choked and tried to grab her head to keep her from falling backwards.  She employed this adorable stunt about three different times.  I don't know why I didn't expect it by the end of the evening, but she was too cute for me not to at least attempt to cuddle.

Etta is sporting a darling blue scarf from Delia's.  She hates it, of course, but doesn't she look cute?  Dad  says that on their walk this morning, her eager offers of friendship were rudely snubbed by two farm dogs.  He insisted all morning that she was suffering from low self-esteem and asked that I periodically sing her "Hold Your Head Up" in order to cheer her.  I didn't, but I did dress her up.  Which probably is having the opposite effect towards cheering her up,  but I never thought she was sad, anyway.  (PS- I promise that the scarf is tied very, very loosely around her neck and that it is in no way restricting her abilities to breathe or swallow.) (PPS- Read this.  It's hilarious.)

Outfit the Second:

boots- modcloth
dress- alternative aparrel
vest- thrifted
hat- thrifted
socks- f21
Please ignore my really, really awkward hands.  Thank you.

This is what I am wearing around the house today.  I have a day off, it's raining, and I'm not going to do anything but watch a movie, roll coin, do some fun writing, and maybe read a book or two.  Oh, and the Boyf and I have a phone date.  I think this outfit is totally appropriate for a phone date, don't you?

I realize that this outfit is a lot of brown.  And also that the hat is shapeless.  And also that it's kind of a little much.  And also that I'm flashing some bare leg and it's almost December.  And also that I pitched a mini-fit earlier this week about being TRUTHFUL IN WHAT YOU WOULD ACTUALLY WEAR etc etc.  But?  It's a rainy day and I'm not going anywhere, so I guess this outfit is impractical and silly but actually fairly truthful.  My mama always told me not to wear a lot of brown because it washes out my skin tone.  Guess maybe I should have listened to her.


I visit these boots every single day.  I'm not kidding.  At least once a day, I stop by the ASOS site and gaze at them adoringly.  I check to make sure they're still available, and that the free shipping deal still applies.  As soon as the 30for30 is over, I am buying them.  Which leads me to wonder if I actually learned anything from this experience?  But then I gaze at the detail of the grommets and quality of the leather and I stop worrying about anything, anymore.


Do you have your eye on any paticular pieces?  Is there any one thing that is destined to be yours once you hit outfit number thirty?

Monday, November 29, 2010


shoes- etsy
tights- walmart (?)
skirt- f21
sweater- joyce leslie

Sorry for flashing you all again.  Every time I bend over to convince the pookums to cooperate in a shot, I forget and end up showing off a whole lotta cleve.  So, let's blame it on the pookums.  Okay, good.

I usually wear this skirt high-waisted, with things tucked into it, but I like how it looks with the sweater over top of it just fine.  Also, I am beginning to realize that I really need to trim my bangs.  I'm getting to be kind of emo-kid status over here.

Pookums wouldn't pose nicely today.  Dad was taking my pictures, and he scolded her roundly, but all she wanted to do was go back to laying in the sun.  I can't really say that I blame her.

Guys, I am still planning on putting up my Thanksgiving outfit.  So really, I have twenty-three outfits under my belt, but I know that I need to actually post them in order to make them count.  

I'm getting excited to shop again.  However, Christmas shopping for loved ones is partially satisfying my itch.  I'm scoring some nice things for the Boyf, my dad, and my brother, all on sale and on-line!  Lala.  I love a good bargain.  All those packages you can see in the background in the last photo are the beginning of CHRISTMAS! I love Christmas.  A lot.  One thing I don't like, however, is that the radio station at work now plays only.  Christmas.  Music.  All the time.  Seriously.  If I have to hear "The First Noel" one more time I am going to go bonkers, and it isn't even December yet!  Oyyy.

I have nothing interesting to say.  Sorry about that.  Maybe I will tomorrow?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

nerd boyfriend

The other day, I stumbled upon Nerd Boyfriend and, of course, I loved it.  I do, after all, have a nerd boyfriend of my own.  I posted the link to it on my friend's wall, and less than an hour, the Boyf commented on it.  He said, and I quote, "Buy me everything Paul Newman is wearing."

Boom.  Perfect.  I had just finished buying the Boyf four small-ish presents that will help compose his Christmas, but I still needed one good, medium-sized present to round it out and I was stumped.  Here was the perfect opportunity.  I would buy the Boyf something Newman-esque.

I started out with my old pal, Google image-search, just to round up ideas.  I discovered a few things.

1) Paul Newman was a lot more attractive than all his salad dressing labels lead me to believe.

2) Paul Newman and his wife were adorable.  I am now obsessed.  My profile picture right now is a picture of them in their kitchen.  He is standing over a frying pan and she is kissing a small dog.  I want that to be my life.  Guys, why isn't that my life?  Someone tell me how to make that happen.

3) Um. Paul Newman, while being a knockout and all, kind of wore suits and oxfords and blazers a lot.  Just like every other guy at the time.  What am I supposed to buy the Boyf to make him look definitively like Paul Newman?  A really nice blazer?  A nice cardigan, as the Sartorialist recommended?  Some button-downs?  New shoes?  A tie?

What do you guys think?  Am I missing something?  What about his outfits makes him definitively Paul Newman?  I need some second, third, and fourth opinions!


shoes- charlotte russe
jeans- f21
buttondown- f21
belt- urban outfitters
pearls- sierra trading posts

Etta is really getting the hang of this outfit photo thing.  She even copied my pose in the first photo!  What a clever pookums.

I didn't mean to give you all a peek down my shirt in the middle picture. I'm sorry!  I was trying to do the "deconstructed model" poses that Tyra used to purport in Top Model and get Etta to copy me, but then I started laughing and Mom took the picture and voila.  Also, those big green gourds?  Italian pumpkins.  Apparently the big warty things hold natural sugars.  They taste awesome grilled.  My parents grew them in the garden this summer and my dad is freakishly proud of them.  Every time I take an outfit photo he's like "But don't you want to pose with one of the pumpkins?"  I say, "No, dad, the blogosphere does not want to see pumpkins, they want to see what color my shoes are, etc."  So today Mom was like, "Oh, let's take a waist-up shot...smile!"  And then I saw that she had cleverly formatted the picture so that the gourds were in them.  She's sneaky.  And determined.  So there you are, people.  My granola, pumpkin-obsessed family and the gourds they produce.  Kaboom kabam.

Today was another day of getting diner breakfast with good friends.  I threw this outfit on really quickly.  For some reason I always feel bad about wearing jeans.  Like I'm cheating or something.  Shouldn't I be wearing dresses or a skirt or some interesting tights?  It never ceases to amaze me, though, how much you can pull an outfit together just by tucking in a shirt and wearing a belt.  My mom always used to tuck in my shirts when I was a little kid.  Is this a sign that maybe now I should start matching my socks to my teeshirts and wearing overall shorts like I used to?  Kindergarten chic?  Yes?

Thanks for all your support on my giant whine-fest yesterday.  I went to work a whole hour early by mistake (d'oh!) but the busboy and I managed to ignore each other.  Also, I made almost one hundred dollars.  That's one hundred dollars closer to not having to work there anymore.  So, win.

Also, I'm wearing red shoes.  Instant boom for your day.  Better than a cup of coffee.  I'm telling you.  You should try it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


boots- modcloth
jeans- f21
tee- h&m
cardigan- old navy
belt- dockers
bag- h&m

It's green and brown again!  I've always loved green and brown together and in this outfit I tried to play it up as much as I could.  We have the green tee offset by the different shades of brown: the almost orangey brown of the boots, the chestnut of the belt, the pale pale tan of the cardigan, the brown in the bag, and the lovely chocolate brown of the interfering dog.  Lovely.

I wore this outfit today to get breakfast with my best friend from high school.  I drank a lot of coffee.  It was fantastic.  When I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that my outfit could have been helped a lot by adding dangly earrings.  I seriously thought about putting some in just for my outfit photos, but decided against it because I'm a freak.

I don't take pictures of outfits I didn't actually wear.  Sure, that outfit might look better with spike heels, but I live in the backwoods and heels make me fall over.  It might work for me standing still in front of my kitchen door, but I wouldn't actually wear it outside and I'm not going to pretend that I did.  Similarly, this outfit might look better with earrings, but the fact of the matter is that I forgot to put them in before I went outside and they just weren't part of my outfit today.  If I want to see something impractical that would only look good on the runway, I'll look at a fashion show.  That is fashion. I want my blog to be about style.  I like blogs of real girls with real budgets and real wardrobes.  That's one of the reasons I like the remix so much: it's real people doing awesome stuff with things they already have.  That's why I like all of you so much.  Seriously!
I have to go into work today for the first time since I got into a huge fight with the busboy.  I don't know what I did, but it set him off and the next thing I know he was saying horrible things about me to everyone in the restaurant.  I told him that I did not find his behavior acceptable, but regardless, now he hates me and he's going to try to get me fired or drive me so crazy that I quit.  That's his tactic and so far it's worked on four different girls since I've started working there.  And he's the boss' best friend, so I can't complain to the management.  I'm not looking forward to dealing with someone purposely trying to make me miserable for the next five weeks.  Ugh.  Guys, I need out.  I'm going to stick it out until the end, but I've made myself a couple of countdowns and I'm posting them here because they make me feel better.

3 days (counting today) until I get another day off
4 days until the end of the month
14 days until I get to see the Boyf again
22 days until I can give my two weeks notice
35 days until the day I get to leave

Oy.  I also just realized that this outfit is almost exactly like outfit number five.  Right down to the hairstyle.  Guys, I stink.  Sorry.

To combat my negativity today (sorry, again) I am going to tell you three things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving (besides friends, family, and health, of course):

That's right: The Beatles (pretend Ringo is in the picture), Perrier, and tea.  Boom. Cue the thanks.

Friday, November 26, 2010


boots- modcloth
tights- target
shorts- thirfted (levis)
oxford- old navy
necklace- h&m
Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope you all spent a lot of time with loved ones and stuffed yourselves full of turkey/Tofurkey, whichever your leaning may be.  I have to redo my Thanksgiving outfit tomorrow, to show you all what it was. I stuck to the remix, I promise!
Today we did Thanksgiving 2 at my house, with my mom's side of the family.  They just left an hour ago.  I saw a matinee with my friend Trevor today (Love & Other Drugs...good,  but super schmoopy at the end.  Luckily, I have a high tolerance for schmoop, so I managed okay.  And Anne Hathaway made me want to go back to 1996 and wear wool berets and overall shorts all the time.  Next time I make it to the thrift store you can guess what I'll be scoping out...).  By the time we got out of the move and had coffee, it was 5:00 pm!  It's amazing how time flies when you're not waiting around and dreading going to work.  Mom only had time to snap a picture of my outfit just now, which is why they're so dark.  I promise I'll do better tomorrow.

This white button-down is the last item in my remix that I have yet to wear.  Here it is.  Ta da.  Nothing special.  I've had it since the summer after my freshman year of college, when I was significantly heavier from...various leisure time activities.  Now it's a bit too big, but I wear it more like a boyfriend oxford now so it usually works out fine.  Also, I love pairing these teal tights with my brown boots.  I think the colors work well together, and I was also proud of myself for accessorizing with a wooden necklace that echoes some of the green tones.  Guys, this is very advanced for me.  My friend Caitlin has the same teal tights, only she's brave and pairs them with other, equally bright colors and always looks fantastic because she's so confident about being able to pull it off.  Me?  I put on colored tights and it's all, "Okay guys, we'd better play it safe from here and stick to the neutrals."
PS- Psst...only eleven more outfits until I can shop again :)  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


shoes- Converse
tights- walmart
shorts- thrifted (levis)
polo- aƩropostale
sweater- joyce leslie

Friends, meet Work Clothes.  These black Converse and this gray polo shirt are work staples for me.  Once upon a time, they lived glamorous lives as part of my regular clothing rotation, but now they've been relegated to the Diner and I think it makes them kind of sad.  Today it occured to me that I did, after all include these items in my 30for30, so why not take full advantage?  I like this look a lot lot lot.  It's short&tights (my signature) and Converse (my other signature from days gone by).  I also like the preppy collar poking out from under my sweater.  And also I like black.  So, voila.  

I was hemming and hawing about whether to wear Converse, my oxfords, or my red flats with this so I asked my little brother and he told me "the sneakers, definitely."  So I listened, obviously.  My brother has the most highly developed sense of style of any seventeen-year-old I have ever met, and he does it without even trying.  He just throws on various hoodies and hats and bandanas and teeshirts and rolls out the door and I am always staring after him like, "Wait!  Please explain to me the genius way that you mixed those stripes with argyle!" and he's like, "Umm, sis, why are you chasing my friend's car down the driveway?" 

Also, it's comfortable which is good because I've spent the day sampling my mom's practice Thanksgiving desserts and it's important to have a waistline that stretches for that.

And you guys, today is finally my Friday!  I'm very excited.  I want to go in, work, make some money, go home, and have two glorious days off.  That is what I want right now.  

Also, today I went on boutiques.com.  I am obsessed.   I found awesome new boots that I just might have to buy.  In December.  When I am allowed to again.  Basically, the idea behind boutiques.com is that you answer a million questions about your personal style (easy ones.  There's a whole section where you pick which, of two looks, is most like your style.  It's way cool and fun, and they use a really high percentage of fashion blogger photos for it, which I think is nice.  The only thing is that I think some of them are falsely credited?  Like, I saw a lot of bloggers that I recognized, and unless they've changed their blog names since the last time I stopped by, that's not them.)  and then they feed you a million different dresses, shoes, accessories, skirts, blouses, etc. that fit in with what they perceive to be your personal style.  And you can give feedback on each choice, saying if you love it or hate it and why (I love the why part.  Such great attention to detail).  I still need to tinker around on it and figure everything out, but as you can tell, it's fun and so far I'm a fan.  No wonder.  It's a Google product, and even though they're taking over the world, I have to admit that Google wins at pretty much everything, so go them.

PS- Boutiques told me my style was "casual chic" and then proceeded to give me a ton of gray and black clothes, long-sleeved mini dresses, expensive teeshirts, and bright heels.  It also, however, decided to give me three different pairs of hot pink, bejeweled flip-flops.  Um.  Not even close, guys.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


boots- modcloth
tights- penney's (in ireland)
dress- urban outfitters
tee- the gap
belt- f21
earrings- sierra trading post (yeah, i get my pearls from sierra trading post.  you gotta problem?)

I feel like this outfit makes me look a little bulky on top, but then, I am layering a teeshirt over a dress.  What's that, you say?  Ingenious?  Well, yes, I thought so too.  Thank you.  I didn't plan a gray skirt into the remix, but who needs a gray skirt when you have a gray dress?  Not me, that's for darn sure.

Hey.  You guys wanna know a secret?  I've only worn these tights once since I bought them in Ireland two summers ago.  I don't know if the pictures really show it, but they have blue and purple watercolor flowers on them.  They're actually not as hard to wear as you might think.  It's amazing how much easier it becomes to wear tights when you are in desperate need of something, anything, to punch up an outfit.  Suddenly, wearing giant watercolor roses on your legs doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

As you can see, the pookums was so wiped out today that I couldn't even get her to sit up straight and show off her adorable bow headband.  We walked four miles this morning.  She needs the entire rest of the day to recover, obviously.

Hey guys.  Thirty-eight days until I get to quit my job.  Can I get a great big HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH?  

That's what I thought :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


shoes- etsy
tights-  urban outfitters
tank- h&m
skirt- thrifted (lacoste)
cardigan- target

See?  I told you there was going to be sparkle.

I'm not much of a sparkle person.  Or, at least, I didn't think I was until I saw these tights online and wanted them.  All my roommates wrinkled their noses at me, like, "Ew, poor choice, Elle," so I refrained from buying them when they were like, $5.99 only to pounce on them and buy them full-price in June when I saw them in person in the store.  Totally worth it, I say.  Also, these tights remind me of my nine years of dance classes.  Ohmygod, the costumes I used to have to wear for that.  Think of the worst thing you can think of, and then multiply it by a million-jillion.  That's how obnoxious they were.  At least I don't have purple feathers with sparkle ribbon pinned in my hair right now (though I'm sure I could dig some up from the closet if I really tried hard).  Things could be worse, people.

Today Dad and I decided that Etta needed some new headgear and I tried a bunch of stuff on her.  She officially has an outfit that we are saving for Day 30, but for today she went with this casual ensemble.  She is ready to hit the slopes, people.

Haha.  As you can see, she did not like being dressed up, and Grace wanted in on the fun and so sat right in front of my shoes in the first picture.  Etta's hat fell off halfway through, and I had to readjust.  Her life is so difficult.  Now she's sleeping in a puddle of sunlight, recovering from her strenuous modeling sesh.  I don't think we people know how rough dogs have it.  Poor pookies.


Otherwise titled as: Stuff I Can't Buy Because of the Remix But Which Would Vastly Improve My Life If I Owned It.

This is stuff that I want.  Stuff I gaze at adoringly on the Urban Outfitters and ASOS sites with my mouth hanging open.  So classy, I know.  I'm sitting here in today's outfit.  It involves sparkliness, but Mom isn't home to take pictures of me wearing it so an outfit post will have to wait until later.  What was she thinking?

No, but seriously.  This is stuff I want.  Someone should buy it for me :)

1) Key necklaces

via etsy also via etsy

you guessed it! etsy again. what's this you say? more etsy?

2) A new black cardigan.  

via ASOS

3) This dress.  I cannot decide between blue and purple.  Maybe both?

via ASOS

4) Also this dress.

via ASOS

5) These black riding boots by Miz Mooz.  I've been looking for a good black riding boot that will fit my foot for a very long time.  This one has a zipper up the back (!!!) and looks like it could be just the ticket.  But I just can't bring myself to part with $150 just on one pair of shoes, even though I know that I'd get a ton of wear out of them. Hmm.

6) These mary janes.  (I can't figure out how to pull the images off of Urban.  Either I am dumb of their website is just stupid.  I prefer to think the latter.  So here is a link instead of pictures.  Sorry.)

7) New suede pumps.  Lexie has these and loves them.  So does Kendi.

8) T.  Strap.  Heels.  Drooool drool drool.

What are you going to buy when you're allowed to shop again?