Monday, October 25, 2010


Boom.  Aren't my friends hot?

I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath to hear about my weekend.  I'M SORRY.  My GPS took me home for three hours down all backroads and I almost ran over an orange cat that wouldn't get out of the middle of the road.  I was a little tired/overwhelmed last night.  No posting!  But I'm back.  I know you were all really worried.  You can exhale now.  The yoga lady on TV said it was okay.

But anyway, suffice it to say that I have returned more in love with my friends than ever and missing college desperately.  I also reminded myself at how bad I am at picking things to drink.  Seriously.  Any mixed drink I make is horrible.  I bought myself a bottle of red wine that was too dry and turned my teeth bright purple, even after I tried drinking it  through a straw.  I bought myself two big bottles of Guinness and then remembered that Guinness is so heavy you usually can't drink more than one in a sitting.  I took a class in Ireland, you guys.  How am I so dumb and why did I forget this?

I also ate a ton of delicious food, gained about five pounds, and am spending the day detoxing with water and green tea and psyllum husk as a result.  Brueger's bagels are delicious.  Why don't we have them downstate?  So is everything at The King and I.  And so is drunk Subway at two am, even if the girl serving you is really mean and obviously doesn't want to be there.  And, guys!  My friends are adults!  With cute apartments and job offers (Congrats again, Drewski!).  And Rochester is cute!  With adorable neighborhoods and things within walking distance and everyone walking their dogs all the time.  And Wegmans.  We can't forget how much I love Wegmans.  And people I love are there.  (See the above picture again.  Who wouldn't want to be around those faces errday?)

This makes me feel like, if New York doesn't work out, I could conceivably be very happy in Western New York.  Who ever would have thought?

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