Monday, October 25, 2010

this is my friend caitlin.

Please excuse the creepiness involved in the fact that I stole this picture from her facebook.  And that I was not present at the event pictured.
She's in Spain right now.  And she's really awesome and I love her a lot.  And she broke her leg.  In Spain.  Pretty spectacularly, too, if what her mom told me is correct.  She's got pins and plates and everything.  What a rockstar.
I don't think Cait has internet in the hospital.  From what I've heard, I don't really think Spain believes in internet, because it seems to be difficult to get and sustain it.  But anyway, we love you, Cait.  And I hope you get better soon.  And so does everyone reading this.  They're sending you and your leg good vibes.  And if they're not, they're bad people and we don't like them, anyway.

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