Tuesday, October 19, 2010

peak :D


I was really, really lucky. Freshman year of college, I got randomly housed in a suite in Wyoming (the dorm, not the state) with five other girls. One of them ended up being a crazy psycho, but the rest were pretty cool, and three of them ended up 
living with me until I graduated. I don't think there are pictures of a weekend at Geneseo where we're not with each other...at least one or two of us. I don't know what college would have been like for me without them, but I probably would have drank a lot less and also been a lot less happy and a lot more lame. Also, I would never have learned NOT TO BRUSH MY HAIR.  (Thanks, Karin and Al.)

So we all graduated and things are different now. Al and Paige are both in grad school and Rochester. I'm home, obviously,and Karin is in Chittenango and rocking it out at Bed, Bath & Beyond. And I miss them all so so much. We've never beenapart for so long before and it's starting to seem weird that I don't come every day to weird smells in the kitchen because Paigeis roasting something. But that's okay because I GET TO SEE THEM THIS WEEKEND. We are going to take on Rochester(or is it Geneseo? Ladies, have we decided yet?) and be in love all weekend. And probably spoon. And I can't wait.

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