Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jason segel=lahve

I am so in love with this man.  (Sorry, babe.)

Just look at that face.  How could anyone not be?

He rides a Vespa.  And chain-smokes.  And has night terrors.  And is totally neurotic and twisty.  And's he's only eight years older than me!  That's the same age as the state trooper who always hits on me at work.  It could happen, right?  Right?  

Not only did he star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which is unabashedly totally hilarious, all awkward naked penises aside, but what is more impressive to me is that he wrote it.  I know for a fact that writing a screenplay is harder and way more difficult than any other kind of writing.  Writing dialogue that sounds like actual people talking and not just an episode of the goddamned Gilmore Girls is difficult and takes skill.  Writing funny things is about a million times harder than writing sad or dramatic things.  Also, he's 6'4".

He made me cry with laughter in I Love You, Man.  Do yourself a favor and do a youtube search of any interview with him and Paul Rudd.  (Try the one where they sing Les Mis.)  They are on their own planet of hilarious.  Watching interviewers try to keep up with them is just sad.  It can't be done.

But what really did it for me was Freaks and Geeks.  What he does in F&G is what I think makes him such an effective and endearing actor in all his other roles.  It's what makes the penis scene in Sarah Marshall kind of awkwardly touching, in spite of everything.  He is completely emotionally vulnerable.  Watching him in F&G is like watching a bundle of raw nerves walk around on screen, and isn't that what high school is actually like?  His jittery nerves and facial expressions capture completely what it is to be broken up with, or in love, or happy, or high, or pissed off, or whatever.  

Um.  I just realized that I'm really bad at describing why I like things.

Anyway, watch this and tell me you're not in love with him, too:

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