Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy hallowe'en!

^^^ That is how I would spell "Halloween" if I lived in Canada.  But I don't.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday.  I know I am.  I did forty-five minutes of cardio and at 4 I'm gonna go trick-or-treating.  At work.  And by "trick-or-treating" I mean "delivering food and throwing pickles at the cooks, like I do every day."  I'm going as a waitress.  HOLLA.

Incidentally, here are some things I'm into today.  They have nothing to do with the holiday, really, but I've never let that stop me before.

1) Honeycrisp apples
You think you know apples?  You don't know apples until you've had a Honeycrisp.  Believe me.  I'm not too sure on the particulars, but I think they might be genetically engineered.  Officially?  I'm opposed to that.  Unofficially?  These things are delicious.  It's like when you went apple picking when you were a kid and ate way too many warm, tree-fresh apples and almost got sick, but you couldn't stop because they were too delicious (just me?).  Only they taste like that all the time, all year round.  Also, in google searching them in order to get this photo, I discovered that you can order them through the mail and get them delivered to your house.  Enough said.

2) Cool girls on bikes.

One of my life's dearest ambitions (besides owning the Most Adorable Dog ever, who will respond to commands in French and love me the most out of anyone), is to live in an urban area where I can be a total hipster and ride a bike around all the time.  Ideally, said bike would have a platform on the back for roping grocery bags to, and a huge wire basket in the front for convenience.  And I would ride it around in cute outfits, possibly with said Most Adorable Dog Ever in tow, and everyone would watch in awe and wish that they were as adorable/fantastic as me.

I faithfully collect every street-style picture that involves a bike that I find in an on-line folder, but today online I found this on Joanna's awesome blog, Cup of Jo.  Look at all those sassy babes.  Look at all those beautiful clothes.  Check those sweet bikes.  Hell, one of the girls in the first picture is from Copenhagen (aka my favorite city in Europe).  There's even a baby.  Lahve.

3) Whipped cream
That shit is delicious.  Actually, when I was little, I hated whipped cream.  Along with marischino cherries, they ruined sundaes for me for at least thirteen years.  Now, I know better.  Byrne Dairy whipped cream in a can?  Yes plz.  I don't shoot it directly into my mouth like some girls at work do (ahem, Crystal, I am talking to you), but I do pile it into huge mountains on top of hot cocoa and eat it with a spoon.  And then not drink the hot cocoa.  It's free at work.  This is a bad thing.  

As a side note, how is it that I am allowed to eat all the damn whipped cream I want on the job, but I am not permitted to have broccoli on my salad for dinner?  Hm.

Side Note #2:  When you google-image search "whipped cream", you would be amazed at how few pictures of the edible foodstuff there are, and how many pictures there are of women wearing it on their lady-bits, a la Varsity Blues.  Ew.

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    they are genetically engineered to be THE PERFECT APPLES. and i am totally okay with that.

    i also don't know that for a fact, but someone told me they were genetically engineered once. to be like, the right amount of sweet and tart and crunchy. and i decided it was true and i tell everyone i know, whenever apples are being discussed.