Monday, October 18, 2010

cause bein' in love with your ass ain't cheap

Sometimes this song is all that gets me into the car and on my way to work.  Sean introduced me to it and Brian played it for me the last time I was in Geneseo and I was hooked.  It, I think, has earned the title of Catchiest Song Ever (or at least until I find a new Catchiest Song Ever.)  But I only just thought to look up the video today.  Watch it.  

A couple things:

1) I am obsessed with the green backup singers. How did the middle girl get her eyelashes like that?! I know she's obviously wearing fake ones, but I have never gotten them to look that good on me.
2) The girl on the right at 1:40. In the nerd glasses. How much cuter is she than the object of Cee Lo's affection? The answer is so much. So much cuter. And I am not just saying this because I am a Girl With Glasses. Or maybe I am. Maybe I'm biased. Whateva.
3) How awesome is Cee Lo, period? In 2006 he made clinical depression sound sexy. I can get on board with that. Also, he wears plaid and nerdy glasses. All I look for in a man, really. I'm so serious.
4) It's official. I can no longer see a diner- even a fake one on a sound stage in a campy music video- without wondering about the setup, how many people can fit on the counter, how the booths are divided up, how many waitresses it would take to keep the place running during the day. Help. I officially have no life.
5) Slipping on fries is a bitch. And, along with burning myself on the toaster (heat lamp, hot ceramics, coffee machine or anything that gets even remotely warm), it might be the most hazardous part of my job.

Okay. I'm going to go watch it again. Feel free to send me links for songs that you deem catchier than this one. I dare you. I triple-dog dare you.

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