Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today is mine.  I'm twenty-two ,which I guess means that I am officially "in my twenties" and should get cracking on that whole "real life" thing.  And maybe use fewer quotation marks, because that makes you look pretentious and no one likes that, right?

I took the day off work today, which probably wasn't smart because I could use the money.  I could always use the money.  Couldn't we all?  But (most of the time) I really, really hate my job, so I figured that taking the day off could be my present to myself.  In addition to the two (overly expensive) vintage dresses that I didn't really need.  That I bought two weeks ago.

Randy The Busboy says that I'm weird because I get happy about "weird" things, but doesn't he know that that's how you keep yourself from going insane when you spend the majority of your productive time worrying because you seem to have lost your ability to write creatively (aka- the ability you were counting on to make your whole future, well...happen?) and serving fries to irritating people?

You have to focus on "weird" things, or little things, so for my birthday, these are things I am doing to celebrate:

-wearing my favorite elephant earrings and that obnoxious hipster hat that I secretly love but almost never wear because I know it makes me look like an asshole.
-listening to Le Show with my mom on NPR.
-eating wings for breakfast.  Ten of them.  With ranch dressing. 
-not weighing myself.
-doing a new yoga video that isn't meant for octogenarians with back problems while Etta (BEST. DOG. EVER.) sits on my feet in an effort to help.
-reading "A Diamond As Big As The Ritz".
-burning my cider candle all. Damn. Day.
-painting my nails.
-drinking a lot of water and a lot of tea.  Anyone who knows me knows how into beverages/hydration I am.
-getting Mom to alter dresses for me.  Like I'll have anywhere to wear them in the near future, anyway.  But seriously, how lucky am I that I can just be like "I want these sleeves less 1994! I want this hem shorter! I want my boobs to be more/less obvious!" like the obnoxious princess that I am and my mom can just make that happen with nothing but her sewing machine and a measuring tape?  So cool.
-watching Cheers! at 5pm because I am an old lady who likes her stories.  
-NOT working/stressing about internships/running any errands/worrying about anything.  At all.  If I can help it.

So that is what is bringing me limitless joy today.  Which is kind of weird to list like that, since everyone knows how much I love to complain.  But I'm trying a new thing here, people.  Positivity.  Can you dig it?

Okay, I'll shut up now.  Text me and tell me how awesome I am.  I'm twenty-two today, after all.  

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