Thursday, October 21, 2010


This morning I woke up and my dad asked me if I knew who Blake Lively was. When I told him that yes, I did, he proceeded to inform me that he saw her in the New Yorker in an advertisment for a book of Vogue photos (hipster family I told youuuu)  and thought she was so pretty that he googled her.

Then he proceeded to read me tidbits from her wikipedia page, like that she doesn't work out and that she likes burritos and that her mother used to make her clothes when she was little and that kids made fun of her because it was the 90's and she was dressed all nicely and they were running around in giant neon teeshirts.  Then, we image-searched pictures of her adorable puppy for like half an hour and made squealy noises and Dad concluded by saying, "I think the two of you could be friends. She seems like a girl with values."

My dad is awesome.

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